The Best Home and Garden Products to Review

Review editors are always on the lookout for the best home and garden products to recommend. From kitchen appliances to vacuums, Better Homes & Gardens has been America's go-to resource for all things home-related for over a century. We've tested hundreds of products to make sure you're perfectly equipped for your next meal. When it comes to vacuums, we test them in the home that best suits their design.

A pet vacuum will be tested on animal skins and a handheld vacuum will be used for smaller areas and cars. We also review garden and garden tools, taking into account the space available and the style of the house. In addition, we offer gardening and garden care resources, from instructional videos to monthly tasks and detailed tutorials on a wide range of gardening topics. We only recommend brands with which we have had a positive experience, such as certain furniture and home decor items.

Our team of review editors is always looking for the best products to improve your home in a way that will make you smile. With years of experience in the interior industry, our writers cover everything related to furniture and decoration for titles such as Ideal Home, Livingetc, Gardeningetc, Real Homes and Woman & Home.