Creating a Sustainable Garden in a Large Space

We have created some rustic outdoor living spaces with forests that surround us, with many of these 21 design ideas for landscaping a large patio. Of course, some of them are ideas that I would love to implement for. The first step in landscaping a large patio is to create designated areas. Low-maintenance landscaping around the house is 100% the way to go if you have a large yard. A fire pit is an incredible way to add paving to your garden.

It can be as simple as a circular campfire placed in a space. Or, as elaborate as a fire pit structure complete with surrounding patio and more. Our bonfire is made of stamped concrete and works great for large meetings. You can see our campfire area here. One of the ways to create designated areas in a large yard is to place a small patio next to a focal point.

Our entire property has concrete stamped on the fire pit, the backyard, the walkways, the patio with pond and the front entrance. Our front field is approximately 1.5 acres of open space. It is used for everything related to recreation. Whether you want to build a beautiful garden in your front or back yard, you should analyze how much space you have available for the task. If you have a large open space, you might consider larger fruit trees, such as mangoes, oranges, plums, apples, pears, and so on. You can also plant shrubs for blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc.

You can also choose tall fig trees and Cyprus for the front yard for some shade. The best garden designs start with structural plants filled with pretty flowering plants. So use evergreen shrubs at the end of each border and as a punctuation mark along the way. Include small shrubs, such as box balls, or large evergreens, for example, mahonia, for larger areas. For any sustainable garden, you'll want to create natural soil fertility with compost.

Increasing soil organic matter helps develop good structure, porosity, oxygen, drainage and water retention. Simply dig compost into the soil or simply add several inches to the top. Designing an online orchard combines the experience of a professional designer with the convenience of a virtual planning session so you can plan, design and build your own orchard with confidence. When designing your beautiful, if not useful, home garden, consider self-made planter techniques to add a personal touch and a personal touch to your garden space. Kids love to go out to the garden to play, but zoning an area is key, as small family gardens are often dominated by play equipment, leaving little room for anything else. Learn more about Garden Design Online today to start building the garden of your dreams on your blank canvas. According to Claire Belderbos, director of Belderbos Landscapes, specialists in gardening, “a dining table works best in the garden area that has full or partial sun in the early afternoon.

You can also use the garden space around these garden structures to grow flowers, vegetables and berries that require shade from the scorching sun. Now let's look at some innovative design ideas to implement inside and outside your home to build your own home gardens. As seen below, in this modern Suffolk garden by Caitlin McLauglin, multi-stemmed trees and soft planting create a deconstructed wooded environment in a front yard garden. Because of the highly polluted air that surrounds us, it is ideal to take advantage of the opportunity of a home garden to purify the air in and around the house. If you have space in the garden to plant them, include a rock garden and succulent plants around the orchard to promote bountiful harvests. This is largely based on the Renaissance trend and on the idea that “people want gardens that look natural, rather than spaces designed in a more obvious way” explains garden designer Ann-Marie Powell. If you want to grow vegetable plants and an herb garden in your small spaces, perhaps growing these plants with excessive talent in a vegetable garden is your best possible solution. However, if you have a small garden beyond the kitchen of your small house, consider placing a small door that leads to a garden area or simply plant the vegetables and herbs in the small patio next to the kitchen door. Whether you're looking for gardening ideas to renew your outdoor space - whether big or small - attract more wildlife or be more sustainable - we've compiled some fabulous garden ideas that will help you transform your back garden and even increase the value of your property. Creating a sustainable garden in a large space can seem daunting but not if you ask award-winning author horticulturist and international garden designer Kate Frey from Hopland California.