Gardening Podcasts: Get the Best Advice from Experts

Are you looking for the best Home & Garden podcasts? Look no further! There are plenty of podcasts out there that specialize in reviews of home and garden products. From Roots and Shelters Podcast to Reclaiming Simplicity: A Simple Life, these podcasts offer reliable advice, proven techniques, and practical tips to help you get the most out of your garden. One of the most popular gardening podcasts is Roots and Shelters Podcast, hosted by Jessica Sowards. This podcast covers a wide range of topics from organic gardening to growing food.

Jessica also has a series of special guests who offer listeners valuable advice on how to make the most of their gardens. Another great podcast is Homestead Plans and Provisions, hosted by Mike. He meets with professional gardeners and best friends Otis Scadding to discuss the latest trends in gardening. Mike also recently visited Salt Lake City as a guest of the American gardening brand Thyme and Place, where he was joined by gardening experts from all over the United States for a series of gardening workshops broadcast on air.

If you're looking for shorter videos with advice from gardening experts, check out Garden Cuttings. This series offers bite-sized informational updates on basic gardening concepts, solutions, myths, news, and other topics of interest to new and experienced gardeners. For those who want to learn more about indoor plants, On the Ledge is a great podcast to check out. Host Maria Failla interviews different people in the urban gardening community for advice on caring for indoor plants.

She also invites gardening personalities who have a particular interest or experience in indoor plants to the program, such as garden writer and author Alys Fowler and garden blogger Matthew Perry. Finally, don't miss out on Donnegan's weekly gardening program for enthusiastic gardeners. This podcast offers the latest advice, news, and visits to large and small gardens in Ontario, Canada. It also features interviews with gardening experts on many topics that will help you in your garden, whether you're a new or experienced gardener.