Consumer Surveys for Home and Garden Products Reviews

Are you looking for consumer surveys that specialize in reviews of home and garden products? With the majority of the world's population confined to their homes all year round, people are investing time and money in their home and garden. To better understand the affinities of shoppers during this period and to discover opportunities for retailers of household and garden items, Nosto commissioned a survey of 2000 consumers (1000 in the United States and 1000 in the United Kingdom).Ideally, most buyers (34%) can read the content of the reviews of a product that is between a week and a month old. A best practice is to include a “review” fragment at the top of each product page that provides an overview of the content of the available reviews, including the average star rating and the number of reviews. Other important factors are the length, depth and detail of the content of the review (56%) and the grammar and spelling of the content of the review (32%).Manta differs from most review sites because it focuses more on connecting people than on reviewing products and services.

It has reviewed more than 7.7 million products, does not accept advertising and pays for all the products it tests. If you're in the beauty business, consider asking your buyers to review your products on Influenster to attract new customers as well. Since people around the world have been stuck in their homes more than ever before in recent history, it's not surprising to see that consumers are looking to buy and improve their lives and homes with these types of products. For example, a recent, detailed review is often more valuable to a buyer than an old, vague review of just a few words. So without the ability to easily shop in physical stores, how are shoppers adapting to buying home and garden products online when their product needs are greater than ever? Coincidentally, the retail trade of household and garden items has always been one of the few markets that has remained firm in the physical field due to the importance of testing products before buying them. To make sure you get reliable reviews when shopping for home and garden products online, look for consumer surveys that specialize in reviews.

Make sure to read through reviews carefully to get an accurate picture of what you're buying. Pay attention to factors such as age, length, depth, detail, grammar, spelling, star rating, and number of reviews.