Growing Your Own Food at Home: A Review of Countertop Gardens

Growing your own food at home is becoming increasingly popular, and countertop gardens are a great way to do it. With the right unit, you can grow food or flowers from seeds inside your home, in a space almost as small as that of a toaster. At their best, these units offer rapid growth and year-round gratification without the dirt, fickle weather, and creatures of traditional gardening. I recently volunteered to try out four countertop gardens in my house.

With these units, I hoped to be able to provide fresh, healthy food for myself and my family without having to go to a store. I knew that my husband would never want to have a living wall in my house; this was the second best option in eco-friendly decoration. The Personal Rise Garden offers the possibility of growing more plants at the same time than the other gardens I tried, with 12 holes to place the seed pods. However, the space recommended for some plants means that some holes are not used.

The SereneLife SLGLF130 Smart Indoor Garden is the only countertop garden I've tested that doesn't include seeds in its fluffy pods. While the concept is simple, hydroponic gardening isn't without effort, as I discovered in the course of my review. The four indoor gardens I tried at home were designed so that you could get up and grow quickly on a counter, table, or anywhere where you won't be disturbed by children, pets, or a vacuum cleaner. As an expert in consumer reports and reviews, I'm always focused on helping consumers get the most out of their money and avoid scams when it comes to household products and services.

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